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Terms & Conditions



1. Reservations & Conclusion of Contract The contract for the rental of seminar rooms, rooms, spaces and other services and de-liveries becomes valid following written confirmation by the hotel and signature by the guest/organiser or in the case of online bookings, following receipt of the booking con-firmation. 


2. Prices 

All prices are quoted in CHF and include VAT. Any increase in VAT rates following completion of the contract is at the expense of the client. Price details in euros are given on an indicative basis for guidance only and are billed at the relevant daily rate. All prices published can be adapted at any time. The prices confirmed by the hotel are deemed to be valid. 


3. Payment conditions 

3.1. Invoicing 

The sending of invoices at company addresses in Switzerland is possible following the prior written confirmation of invoice acceptance by the company. Invoices worth less than CHF 300 are to be settled directly at the hotel. 

3.2. Advance payments Organisers from abroad are required to make an advance payment or guarantee the booking by entering a credit card number. The hotel will request an advance payment depending on the size and nature of the reservation. In the case of room reservations for stays of 14 nights or more, an advance payment is always required. 


4. Cancellations 

4.1. Overnight stays 

Individual bookings (1-2 rooms), up to 14 nights 

Cancelation by 16:00h on the arrival day: 


Cancellation after 16:00h on the arrival day: 

1 night* 

No shows: 

1 night* 

Individual bookings (1-2 rooms), from 15 

Cancellation by 22 days before arrival date: 


Cancellation 21 - 15 days before arrival date: 

1 night at 50%** 

Cancellation 14 - 8 days before arrival date: 

1 night at 70%** 

Cancellation 7 - 0 days before arrival date: 

1 night at 90%** 

No Show: 

1 night at 100%** 

Group bookings from 3 rooms, from 1 night; Hotelzimmer in Verbindung mit Seminaren; Seminarräume 

Cancellation by 45 days before arrival date: 


Cancellation 44 - 20 days before arrival date: 

1 night at 50%** 

Cancellation 19 - 10 days before arrival date: 

1 night at 70%** 

Cancellation 9 - 0 days before arrival date: 

1 night at 90%** 

No Show: 

1 night at 100%** 


If the hotel has good reason to assume that an event may threaten to adversely affect the smooth-running of business operations or the safety or reputation of the hotel or in the event of force majeure, the hotel may cancel the event without any exemplary damages being incurred. 


5. Options 

The dates of the options are binding for both parties. If the option period passes unused, the hotel is entitled to use the rooms, spaces or services as it sees fit, without providing further notice. 


6. Binding contractual terms 

6.1. Liability 

Hotel: The hotel is liable in the event of any contractual or non-contractual damages due to intentional behaviour or gross negligence. The proof of fault lies with the guest/organiser. Any additional liability (minor or medium negligence, strict liability) is waived. In the event of using the hotel’s own free WLAN, the responsibility for use of the personal log-in data lies with the guest/organiser. The guest/organiser is also solely responsible for any misuse or illegal use of the internet both as regards the hotel and third parties. 

Guest, organiser: In the event of any damage or loss caused to furnishings or inventory items during an event/stay, the guest/organiser is held liable and the hotel is not required to provide proof of fault. No liability is accepted in the event of theft or damage caused to materials by third parties. The guest/organiser is required to be insured for these materials. 

Animals: Animals are only permitted at the hotel with the express permission of the hotel. Addi-tional expenses incurred e.g. cleaning will be charged separately. Liability for material or personal damage lies entirely with the animal owner. 

6.2. Hotel rooms 

Sub-letting: The hotel room is only reserved for the registered guest and his/her companion if rele-vant. The written approval of the hotel is required if the hotel is sub-let to a third party. 

6.3. Seminars & Banquets 

Number of participants: The organiser must inform the hotel of the binding number of participants 4 working days before the event at the latest. In the event of there being more participants, the actual number of participants will be charged. If there are fewer participants, 100% of the confirmed number of participants will be normally charged. 

Additional expense – installation and dismantling of seminar infrastructure: The hotel will set up the seminar rooms as required based on the written confirmation. Additional expenses for the installation and dismantling of infrastructure will be charged to the organiser. Cardboard, paper and other conference materials can be disposed of for free by the hotel. In the case of larger quantities of waste, the hotel may charge an additional waste disposal fee. 

Third party services: Where the hotel purchases technical or other facilities from third parties on behalf of the organiser, the hotel acts in the name of or on account of the organiser. The organiser is responsible for the careful handling and proper return of materials to the hotel or third parties. 

Food & Drinks: All food and drink are to be purchased from the hotel. In special cases (national speciali-ties etc.), a separate agreement can be made in writing subject to a service fee or cork-age. 

Night supplement: In the case of events which last beyond midnight, the hotel should be informed at the point of booking and approval sought by the organiser. In this case, the costs for service personnel as from midnight will be charged separately. 

Adverts in the media: Adverts in the media making reference to events at the hotel require the prior approval of the hotel. In the event of a publication being released without the hotel’s approval, if the hotel feels that its interests have been adversely affected, the hotel has the right to cancel the event subject to a right to claim remuneration and issue a claim for compen-sation. 

Room changes: The hotel reserves the right to make any room changes at any time so long as this is reasonable for the organiser and in the interests of the hotel. 

6.4. Smokers The hotel is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking is only permitted at specified outdoor areas. Smoking in rooms or at windows will incur additional charges for cleaning and ventila-tion. 


7. Final provisions 

The Terms and Conditions valid on conclusion of the contract form an integral part of our definitive reservation confirmation and all other agreements and subsidiary agree-ments unless agreed otherwise in writing. If individual points prove invalid or ineffec-tive, the validity of the T&Cs overall is not affected. Where no explicit legislation is mentioned, Swiss law applies to all other agreements. The place of performance and jurisdiction for both parties is Zürich. 

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